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Barry Plapp - 'Nobody Ever Says Fuck You'

‘Nobody Ever Says Fuck You’

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Barry Plapp is someone you’ve probably never heard of, but if you’re a football fan you will likely be familiar with his work. In 2008 he was hired by Brian Clough’s widow Barbara to write fresh anecdotes about the formerly-witty, now-dead football management personality. Plapp has played a key role in rejuvenating interest in Clough by creating fresh stories about the forthright blowhard’s life, sustaining the image of Old Big ‘Ead and preserving the posthumous cottage industry which makes a tidy profit from Clough-centric paraphernalia such as books, mouse mats and green jumpers. He got the job after an appropriately brazen interview.



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In one of the stranger, yet strangely predictable stories this pre-season, Robbie Savage has admitted to his alarming sleepwalking habit. According to the sometime Derby footballer and all-time Nicky Clarke wet dream, this has included such outlandish behaviour as him dragging a team mate out of bed and sleeping in a fridge.

Researchers have estimated that 3.1% of women and 3.9% of men are sleepwalkers, though no figures exist to show how prevalent it is in strutting half-man-half-peacocks. Or, to use the scientific term, ‘mancocks‘. Further details about the full extent of Savage’s condition have so far proved scarce, but  former team-mates, friends, and stylists have seized the opportunity to speak to FistedAway, and we can now exclusively reveal the other things that Robbie Savage has imagined whilst dreaming: (more…)

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