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Jose Mourinho

::: FistedAway today welcomes a guest post from Elliott, editor of the rather lovely Futfanatico :::
Never before have the parallel universes of entertainment, movies and sport, come so closely intertwined. After a dismal 0-0 draw with Mallorca last week, Florentino Perez was not amused by Mourinho’s sombre post game press conference. Except for one part…

Crack reporter Elliott “LiesWhenNotHarassingArry” heard from an unconfirmed and potentially imaginary source that Perez has axed the Portuguese coach after a single game, a record even by Real Madrid standards. Perez told the press the usual spiel – Mourinho, simply put, had failed to deliver. Even though it was technically impossible for him to win La Liga after only one fixture, what with 38 games remaining, Perez is not a man known for his patience. Questions about remaining matches fell on deaf ears – the burly and bullish owner only heard “excuses.” And he had another plan in mind.


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