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Ian Holloway

With Blackpool having exceeded all expectations in their debut Premier League season, their colourful manager Ian Holloway is many neutrals’ choice for Premier League Manager of the Year. A confident Holloway is believed to be preparing an absolutely tortuous speech: riddled with zany turns of phrase, clunking West Country references and an extended metaphor involving two pints of cider and a cornish pasty.


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Black 'Blacky' Armband : 1850-2010

Premier League clubs will next weekend join forces and don black armbands in memory of Black Armband. In an official statement Premier League ideas man Richard Scudamore said “The loss of Black Armband has been a massive shock to the whole footballing community. After some deliberation, we have decided that the most appropriate gesture in the circumstances would be the wearing of black armbands, or the favoured black tape.  In this way, we can send a message that Black Armband will never be forgotten”.

Tributes have also poured in from current and ex professionals, with ex-Newcastle and England front-man Alan Shearer deeply affected by the loss.  “It was very close to my heart. Literally. My heart is, of course, in my elbows”.


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